What are the main characteristics of a rugby player?

It’s the same in any sport, the rules and characteristics of the game will determine the type of physical and mental attributes the players should ideally have to be successful.

With rugby, the main characteristics of the game include great strength, power, speed, agility and determination. The perfect player must have all of these attributes.

Strength – A rugby player needs to be strong to cope with the demands of scrums, tackling and being dominant. No matter what body type, there is a peak power level needed to be successful and also avoid injury. Strength should be considered in terms of body type and not necessarily the playing position.

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Power & Speed – This quality is clear in terms of the game of rugby, with speed referring to the amount of acceleration required. Acceleration is an important action to get to all areas of the field and includes the need to change direction suddenly, into the correct position as well as avoiding tackling defenders. Achieving maximum speed is very important to the rear positions, who need to race off to try to stop the attackers.

Power in the game of rugby can be measured in the need to perform a vertical jump. Jumping is an important capability for the line out and the players tasked with receiving a high ball under pressure. The ability to jump at height is also important for scrummaging and every player during the ruck. Check out a Rugby Drill Training drill video to help with this skill. Sportplan have a large range of rugby drill training drill videos

Determination – can also be called endurance. While a rugby player needs to be strong with good power and speed, it should be remembered that the game is played for 80 minutes and can involve as much as 6000m distance while enduring scrums, rucks and tackles. It calls for a high level of determination and endurance to succeed. The training also requires a significant distance to be covered, so durability is a key attribute for playing sports.

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Some of the training involved includes activities like the traditional beep test run over a 20m shuttle back. The test starts at a higher speed than conventional bleep test, with small breaks to allow players to work up to a much higher intensity.To conclude, it is clear that to perform at the highest level of the game, excellent physical attributes are required. The most important capabilities include strength, speed, endurance and agility. The level that players can perform at will depend significantly on the players physical makeup, attributes and of course, the demands of the position they play in.